Becoming You: Makeup for Trans Women SKU: BYBundle01

Calpernia discusses the theory behind various makeup applications and products, shows how to apply them, and discusses how gender and facial structure relate to each other in the context of makeup and presentation.


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The Becoming You program goes beyond simple makeup application. It offers the theory behind tricky cosmetics like contour and blush, illustrated with graphics and demonstrations of application. Our new program takes you through the entire process, empowering you with the techniques you'll use for the rest of your female life. It's like having your own makeover artist guide you through the process, all for less than you'd pay for a makeover. Hostess Calpernia says, "I've worked as an entertainer, model, and makeup artist for over a decade, and I've shared everything I've learned over the years in this video. I have also worked in high-stakes business settings, interacting with professionals and the public, and I show you how your makeup and skincare choices can be invaluable for your acceptance as female in daily situations." Introduction 1. Male vs. Female Faces Bone structure Skin Hairline 2. Assessing your skin 3. Overview of medical and clinical procedures Microdermabrasion Bleaching Dermatology Acne Silicone sheeting Laser resurfacing Face lifts 4. Overview of hair removal Doubtful products Permanent options Non-recommended for face Require continuous use Side effects 5. Your skincare routine Cleanse Exfoliate Disinfect/Tone Sunblock Moisturizer Vitamin K AHAs 6. Makeup primer Tools Concealer Foundation Brows Mascara Eyeshadow Eyeliner Lips 7. Putting on makeup Preparation Work area Cleansing Removing hair Toning/Acne Moisturizing Application Additional steps 8. Maintenance while out What to carry Tips and tricks 9. Taking off makeup and nighttime skincare 10. Accessories overview Context appropriate: Ethnicity/Income/Age Nails and earrings Glasses/contacts Teeth 11. Advanced exercises Practice runs at home Photos Testing the waters with short safe trips Opinions from others (partner/friend) Asserting your rights politely in public Building confidence 12. Final Thoughts Blending In vs. Attractiveness