A01: Finding Your Female Voice: Vocal Feminization for Transsexual and Transgender Women

To develop these videos and book, I spent years gathering tips from transgender women who are accepted without question as women in their daily lives. Their secrets can help anyone, whether you hope to live stealth like them, or just want to use your female voice for the occasional fun weekend. This is the most comprehensive program available today, and a major expansion of my original voice materials. Bundle and save by selecting a package below and download the accompanying free spectrogram software here on genderlife.com. These exercises are based on real-world coaching I've done in one-on-one sessions. I've helped many women already, and I can help you.

A02: Finding Your Female Voice BUNDLE: 2 Videos, Audio CD tracks & PDF Workbook

Finding Your Female Voice BUNDLE: 2 Videos, Audio Exercises & PDF Workbook

A03: Ultimate Bundle: All 10 Voice, Face & Coming Out as Trans Videos

Get access to ALL of our videos, audio files and materials for vocal feminization, face, makeup and coming out as trans to your family, loved ones, friends and co-workers.

Becoming You: Makeup & FFS Bundle
Get our makeup video AND Andrea's interview with pioneering FFS surgeon Dr Douglas Ousterhout.
Becoming You: Makeup for Trans Women
Calpernia discusses the theory behind various makeup applications and products, shows how to apply them, and discusses how gender and facial structure relate to each other in the context of makeup and presentation.
Coming Out as Trans BUNDLE: Basics, Loved Ones & Therapist Videos
Get all three videos from us to help you educate and initiate discussion about your impending transition with family, friends, loved ones, spouse, work and anyone else who needs information.
Coming Out as Trans: Dr. Randi Ettner
Dr. Randi Ettner shares her knowledge and wisdom on transition, gathered from years of serving the trans community as a therapist and author of "Confessions of a Gender Defender" and "Gender Loving Care"
Coming Out as Trans: Helen Kramer
Coming Out As Trans: Author Helen Kramer ("My Husband Betty") discusses transition with spouses, partners, loved ones, family and friends.
Coming Out As Trans: Terminology, Medical and the Basics
Share basic terminology, ideas and what to expect in this clean, thoughtful and non-threatening presentation with your family, friends, loved ones or co-workers with this video.
Facial Feminization Surgery with Dr. Douglas Ousterhout
See Dr. Douglas Ousterhout, pioneer of facial feminization surgery for transsexual women, discuss the procedures and the philosophy behind them. Includes discussion of x-rays and aesthetics.
Financing Transition Workbook
If you don't know where you're going, any road will get you there. Don't just dream about what you want to do-- start making accurate and realistic plans tailored to your unique transition needs today! Use this interactive Excel-style spreadsheet to input your goals and predict where and how you need to save or spend on your transition. Don't have Excel spreadsheet software? Download FREE OpenOffice.org spreadsheet software instead!
Finding Your Female Voice Audio CD & Workbook

Finding Your Female Voice Audio Exercises & Workbook Bundle: Contains 59 mp3 audio exercises, PDF exercise book and printout track listing for CDs.

Finding Your Female Voice Spectrogram Exercises

Spectrogram Exercises Video: Download the accompanying free spectrogram software from http://www.genderlife.com/voicetutor

Voice & Face Bundle: FYFV, Makeup and More!
Get the supplemental materials at http://genderlife.com/voicebook Over NINE HOURS of video and audio training! Full Voice & Full Makeup Programs w/ Spectrogram DVD, CD & PDF Booklet This incredible resource for the serious transitioner contains all of the following: The FULL "Finding Your Female Voice" program: * The video * The 34 page instant download digital PDF voice workbook * The audio CD of practice exercises The FYFV:Spectrogram DVD: * Directions on setting up & using our free spectrogram download to SEE the voice work VISUALLY * 1.5 hours of instruction, theory & exercises * All run through the spectrogram so that you can see everything as it's said! The FULL "Becoming You" program: * Volume 1: Makeup theory, hair removal, hair loss, advice on clothing, jewelry and encouragement * Volume 2: Three complete makeovers on a model pre-hormones and FFS, a model post transition, and Calpernia herself.